Commercial Dumpster Cleaning Services

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Turn to the Experts to Clean Your Commercial Dumpsters

Commercial dumpster cleaning services are a great way to keep your facility clean and healthy, but who wants to deal with the hassle of getting it done? Your dumpster cleaning days are over when you get in touch with Healthy Bins!

Our staff will come to your facility monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to ensure that your dumpsters are always clean and sanitary. You can also rely on us for trash and recycle bin cleaning.

We offer a one-time service if you need something done right away and discounts for HOAs and condos! Call (706) 252-3678 for a FREE quote today.

Serving the Following Industries

• Apartment buildings
• Care facilities and homes
• Condominiums
• Country clubs
• Fast food restaurants
Disclaimer: Bins with un-bagged pet waste WILL NOT be cleaned due to contamination of equipment and health hazard to bin-cleaning technicians. In the case of stubborn substances and extreme odors, more than one cleaning may be necessary to provide satisfactory results. We reserve the right to not clean a bin for any reason that we deem to be hazardous or a liability to us or our equipment. In the case we refuse a bin, you will not be charged.