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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Process

At Healthy Bins, we've developed a cleaning process that gets the job done fast when it comes to trash, dumpster and recycle bin cleaning. Check out our process below and give us a call for the residential or commercial cleaning services you need! You can also choose to sign up online.

Step 1: Curbside Cleaning Visit

Step One

Your trash bin cleaning service starts with a scheduled pickup time and location. Our trucks wash your bins on the spot, so our customers don’t have to wait for a return time. They can clean two containers simultaneously which makes your trash bin cleaning experience quick and easy.

Step 2: Clean & Disinfect

Step Two

Cleaning your trash bin only takes 30 seconds. Our 360 cleaning heads remove dirt and debris from every nook and cranny of your trash bin. Blasting water at over 200 degrees kills all festering bacteria promoting true cleanliness.

Step 3: Deodorize

Step Three

After your trash bin is sanitized and disinfected, we deodorize each container with a fresh scent by hand.


Step Four

Get started today by clicking the sign up now button or calling 706.954.3100


I was a little wasn’t quite sure if they could get it clean but let the pictures explain for themselves great job would highly recommend

Thomas B.


Always have a great experience with Healthy Bins!

Suzanne Bock N.


Excellent service and our trash can was so clean & actually smelled great! We highly recommend this company!

Stephanie Faith H.


This service is the best thing ever. Can’t believe how clean my can is now. Thanks for great service.



Had our first cleaning today and I only wish I had done this sooner! So clean and they smell amazing now…having two “almost” potty trained toddlers left our bins smelling rank! Easy to schedule and work with and very happy to be on a regular schedule now. Thank you!

Sarah P.


Awesome service. Garbage can smells great!!

Peg P.


Highly recommended. Glad someone thought this up and started a business. Keeps pests away. Very thorough wash and no more stinky trash bin.

Leslie H.


They do a awesome job. I purchase a year monthly cleaning and I am very pleased of there services. Will recommend to anyone needing a trash container cleaned. Definitely a back saver!!

Jeremy T.


Healthy Bins did a remarkable job cleaning our empty trash can. I never realized how dirty ours was. Exciting to arrive home to a like new trash can. Smells great too. Don’t hesitate to call Wayne @ Healthy Bins 706 954-3100.

Gail E.


10 out of 10 would recommend healthy bins! Clean and odor free trash can and the cleanest my driveway has been since we’ve lived here! Huge thank you to Wayne for cleaning up the huge permanent paint mishap we had.

Courtney J.


Excellent service! Love my clean cans. Wayne is the best!



Timely and great service!


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